Business Opportunity

  Balance is the Key to Healing Body, Mind & Spirit


If you would like to join the Young Living Company, or order therapeutic-grade essential oils
and natural health products, please go to

You can order direct through Young Living Company, by typing in my Sponsor & Enroller # 250738,
choose your items, pay on-line, then shipment is sent directly to you.

Or if you would like to start your own home-based natural health business,
just sign-up as a 
Young Living (Wholesale) Member for 24% discount,
 and give my Sponsor & Enroller # 250738 to be in my group,
to earn extra money and other benefits, 
then please read the Member Options & Ordering Information. 
I offer free training to the new (Wholesale) Members in my group,
and they can always contact me with questions, or for guidance.

There is no yearly membership fee,
just order $50 PV in products a year to continue to purchase at wholesale prices! 
Also, you can have a free website by using just your Member Sponsor & Enroller #. 

Donna 603-382-0464   


To see the wide selection of Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils and Natural Health Products on-line,
please go to and click on Products, then Category, and See All,
then click on the Item Photo, 
for more Information, How To Use, and Price.

Or to read details on a large variety of products, you can scroll down and click on Essential Oils & Blends
or for items in the Home, Wellness, Beauty or Balance sections.
Check out the Savvy Minerals Pure Natural Cosmetic Line.
On the left side there will be more options to choose.


Young Living Essential Oils are 100% Pure Therapeutic-Grade, and grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Stamped on the single oil bottles with YLTG (Young Living Therapeutic-Grade), means that every essential oil YL distills or sources has the optimal naturally-occurring blend of constituents to maximize the desired effect, & is based on AFNOR & ISO Standards & ORAC Testing. There are over 180 references to essential oils in the Bible; this Ancient Healing Science was practiced thousands of years ago in Egypt and other cultures, and is used today in many hospitals in Europe & USA. Incorporating therapeutic-grade essential oils with other healing modalities is very powerful and beneficial for body, mind & spirit. YL offers other great products for personal use; or you can earn extra money by starting your own health business. 

To Place an Order through Young Living or to become an (Wholesale) Member, and experience the benefits of high-quality essential oils or natural health products, please go to their website at

#1 - Click on Become a Member , Check which box of Membership Type, a (Wholesale) Member (for 24% discount), or Retail Customer (for retail prices),

#2 Select Membership Details, choose Country and Language

#3 - Under Who Introduced You to Young Living, click on I Was Referred by a Young Living Member, I have her Sponsor & Enroller #, then type in my # 250738.

#4 - Fill in your Member Information.

#5 - If signing up as an Member (Wholesale), choose your Starter Kit.   

#6 - You do NOT have to purchase an Essential Rewards Kit to sign-up as a Member, or to join the optional free Essential Rewards Program.

Which ever member option you choose, please type in my Sponsor/Enroller # 250738Read and fill in information, then continue. For Wholesale Member follow instructions in 2) below.
1) Retail Customer: Purchase Young Living products for personal consumption anytime at retail price. 
2) Member (Wholesale): Members must read the Agreement first, then click I AgreeThen type in my Sponsor/Enroller  # 250738, continue & fill in information. Take advantage of an opportunity to purchase products at wholesale - a 24% discount off retail pricing, which requires a Starter Kit purchase. You will need to have a Password and Pin # of your choice, so plan that ahead of time and then write it down somewhere in case you forget it.

Options are available to participate for Automatic Monthly Shipments and Essential Rewards Program. When Wholesale Members sign up for the Essential Rewards Automatic Monthly Shipments, with a minimum of $50 PV every month, they can change products & shipping dates each month at no extra cost. So join the Essential Rewards Program, to earn credits for free products, monthly special incentives, and reduced shipping rates; for more details go to the Young Living website.

To receive commission checks on Members in your down-line, Wholesale Members who are signed up for the Essential Rewards and monthly orders with at least $100 PV a month, have a wonderful opportunity to start their own part-time business, through home or at work, by sharing Young Livingís natural health products with other people, helping them towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. Young Living Company has made it very easy and convenient! When you get your Sponsor ID # just have them type in your # at the website at, you can even direct them to go there from your own website, flyers, or your business cards. 

As a Wholesale Member, if Customers or Members sign up under your Sponsor #, and they place an order, they pay Young Living Company directly, and then their order is shipped straight to them, you do not have to collect any money nor deliver products. Wholesale Members receive a check monthly on earned commissions and bonuses. Itís that easy, and so rewarding knowing you are truly helping others in these challenging times, by sharing these therapeutic-grade essential oils and health products made with natural ingredients. Orders can also be shipped to several other countries, so you can expand your business as far as you desire. 
Also, since Members buy at wholesale prices, they can sell retail to people at 24% profit; or offer a discount to family, friends,
neighbors, and co-workers. In direct selling, Members would collect the money and make their profit right away when they give the items to their family, friends, or personal customers. These wonderful products are great for retail stores, salons, gyms, yoga studios, health businesses, etc.. to offer their clients. These potent essential oils are very beneficial for massage therapists, chiropractors, Reiki & Energy/Bodywork Practitioners, to incorporate with their healing techniques and other modalities. Wholesale Members can earn Commissions, Bonuses, Reward Credits for Free Merchandise, and can qualify for Free Monthly Product Promotions! Lots of options to use your creative energy to earn extra money! As a Wholesale Member you can also hold Aromatherapy Parties and give the Hostess a little Young Living gift.

When placing an order on YL website, type Item # or Product Name in Search Box, Quantity, Add to Cart. 
*For Essential Rewards Autoships, press SAVE button on bottom of the page, that will complete the order. 

If you are on the Essential Rewards Program and have earned points and want to redeem them for free products,
you would do that as a Quick Order, and at the end choose which items you are using your points for,
most items qualify except for new products, Rose Oil, and business items.

You can also call Young Living at 1-800-371-3515 to sign-up and place an order, or to become a Wholesale Member, please give them my Sponsor/Enroller ID # 250738. If you become a Wholesale Member or Retail Customer  in my group, I will e-mail you helpful information on using YL products for health or business, thank you.

If you have any questions, or would like more information on the products or business opportunity, please call me at
603-382-0464, or e-mail me at Contact Donna at Natural Health Products & Services, Plaistow, NH.  

If you would like to be placed on my email list please contact me at Thank you. 
Health & Harmony, Donna